Comptoir darna

Upon entering the restaurant, the hostess warmly welcomes you to a sensual soft light of candles. A sublime Oriental melody seems to escape from the bouquets of roses placed at the entrance. You will see traditional musicians playing the lute, seated on the steps of a grand staircase to the image of orientalist paintings. Head to the patio to cool off with a great libation from our cocktail list. Languishing under a tree in the starlight, you will escape the present time, or just visit the place, it is worth the detour. In the backend of the patio, you will find a small shop, Kulchi, offering scents, fabrics and items from all over Morocco.

For a romantic dinner, dinner with friends or business dinner, Le Comptoir Darna restaurant promises a cuisine combining traditional and world food, full of flavors. Illuminated by the magic of lanterns in a cozy atmosphere, treat yourself to a real traditional Moroccan cuisine or to a magnificent world food cuisine. Subtle blend of sweet and salty, refinement and simplicity, the dishes presented are eclectic and inventive.

Do not miss out on the breathtaking bellydancing show, where beautiful graceful and elegant dancers move with the rhythm of an amazing sensual oriental music.